Industrial Emission Solutions

We believe that complex industrial processes deserve tailor-made solutions for dust, fumes, odors, and pneumatic conveying. All Emission Control solutions are validated by Air Technical Modeling, hard data and a thorough process of understanding your site’s requirements. Please find a selection of our solutions below.

Choose your Category:

Choose your Category:

Energy Recovery Scrubber

Recover energy, while cleaning polluted industrial waste streams

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Dust Collection Systems

Tailor-made Dust Extraction solutions solving complex industrial challenges resulting in Safe and Healthy Work Environments

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Vapor, Fumes & Odor Extraction Systems

Tailor-made Vapor & Fumes Extraction solutions solving complex industrial challenges resulting in Explosion Safety and Healthy Work Environments

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Automated Air Flow Stabilization

On-demand balanced extraction with handling pressure fluctuations resulting in stabilized industrial processes and prevention of wasting energy

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Air Flow Measurement Devices

Measuring Flows and Volumes accurately in real time to ensure uptime, increase Explosion Safety and prevent pipe pollution resulting in Smart Industry 4.0 processes

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Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Guaranteed and Balanced Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems that guarantees powerful extraction and clean workplaces

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Give the right priority to future plant upgrades and focus on realizing the highest Return on Investment with a Masterplan from JOA

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Acoustic Cleaning in Place

Keeping your process running by preventing fine and sticky particles agglomerating inside piping and filter walls by acoustic cleaning systems

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Conveying Air Control Unit (DVAT)

Yield Improvement with Industrial Conveying Control Unit that regulates velocities and saves energy.

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Filters for Fume, Vapor, Odor & Aerosols

Proven Industrial Air Filters for Fumes, Vapor, Odor & Aerosols with High Separation Efficiencies and Low Pressure Drops. Realizing less downtime due to reduced maintenance time.

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Balancing Restrictors

Balancing Restrictors handling Dust & Vapor preventing Industrial System Fouling

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Cleanroom & Microclimate Solutions

Clean Room Compliance and Improved Microclimate Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Microclimate Technology

Adequate protection against condensing or solidifying Vapors and Fine Dust contamination with Microclimate Technology resulting in Cost Savings and better Working Conditions

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Industrial Dust Filters

Reliable, Long lasting and Energy Efficient Industrial Dust Filters when standard filters won’t suffice

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Explosion Safety Equipment

Explosion Safety (ATEX Certified) Equipment protecting Operators and Industrial Assets

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Ultra-Fine Particle Removal

Innovative Industrial UFP Removal to prevent downtime through maintenance, resulting in Healthy Work Environments and Efficient Operations

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How to reduce odor pollution effectively

Industrial Scrubbers

Tailor-made and in-house designed Industrial Scrubbers and Exhaust Air Treatment realizing optimized Air Pollution Control

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Energy Recovery Systems

Capturing energy potential from industrial manufacturing processes resulting in lower costs, reduced environmental footprint and increased efficiency

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Deflector Hoods & Bleeds

Well-designed Industrial Deflector Hoods and Deflector Bleeds with proven results

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Energy Recovery Solutions

Making the most from (Low Grade) Industrial Waste Heat Recovery resulting in improved Process Efficiency and a smaller Environmental Footprint

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Scrubber Technology

Tailor-made Industrial Scrubber Technology to control emissions realizing Energy Efficiency, Exhaust Air Treatment and Environmental Compliance

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Force Balancing Model

Force balancing model creating true understanding on particle interaction within industrial processes

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Consultancy Study

Create a clear understanding of your site’s process improvements on Emission Limits, Energy Reduction and realizing a Healthy and Safe Work Environment

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Belt Filter

Extracting Harmful Vapors with limited operator risks and low operational costs resulting in effective emission control and healthy industrial environments

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JOA Air Filtration Technologies

Our Delft-based R&D department is devoted to provide customized Industrial Air Filter solutions. Alternative filter technologies such as acoustic agglomeration and photocatalytic oxidation are helping to change the Air Filter industry by addressing effective emission control.

In over 22 years of successfully assisted FMCG, Pharma and Chemical companies worldwide with the following technologies and services:

Fume, Vapor, Odor & Aerosol Filters

  • HEPA Filters
  • Diamond series of activated carbon filters
  • Series of High-efficiency automatic belt filters
  • Coalescer Belt Aerosol Filter
  • Photocatalytic Oxidation
  • Standardized Wet Scrubbers

Dust Collector & UFP Filters

  • Ultra-fine Particulate pre-treatment to enable usage of standard dust filter systems
  • Direct air return energy recovery filters
  • CFD optimized pulse jet envelope and high-surface element filters
  • Inline Venturi Scrubbers

JOA Air Systems & Technologies

  • Product recovery extraction hoods
  • Indoor Climate Optimization
  • Improving Cleanroom Environments with Micro Climate™
  • Filter Bag Collectors
  • Advanced CFD shear force coalescing
  • Nano-enabled Ceramic Filters to directly convert fumes/odors into harmless components
  • Ultrasonic Acoustic Agglomeration
  • Spray Dryer solutions

Additionally, we have a JOA Air Filter catalog where you can find our best practices and standardized solutions for industry-proven applications.

With our broad range of filtration systems, we can always meet your requirements. Our product owners and consultants are ready to get involved in your emission control.