Industrial Air Filter Technology

We provide emission control though dust collection and vapor extraction systems, as well as air-quality and energy-improvement solutions for plastics and toner extrusion, for the pharmaceutical and food industries and for mineral production. To summarize, our key differentiators are the following:

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At JOA, we combine proven technology, balanced with technical innovations

Bas van den Bogerd, Business Development Director of JOA Air Solutions




Air Filtration Consultancy creating tailor-made & effective Concept Designs JOA designs effective, efficient, high-performance Air Filtration systems that maintain their value for the client and are flexible enough to accommodate future growth and upgrades. Being aware on the future norms on ATEX, UFP’s (Ultra Fine Particulates) and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds and Smog), predictive modeling … Read more


Using GCM modeling for Clean Air Data-driven modeling (lab results and factory measurements) contributes to building economical and extraction systems that are reliable over the long term with a truly meaningful process guarantee. Modeling makes the difference between knowing what to expect and hoping for the best. Industrial dust collection and ventilation systems are relatively easy to … Read more


Engineering done right Lean 6Sigma-based project execution method to guarantee: Effective project definition phase Accurate shop survey Measurement program providing adequate data to define before and after states Viable 3D Concept Design Know how your system performs on your site before its built Understanding the interaction of particles in an Air Flow There are four … Read more


Realizing your tailor-made Dust, Aerosol & Vapor Solution Building the Air Filter System Upon client approval, JOA builds the tailor-made Air Filtration System based on the co-created Concept Design. To ensure to comply to the highest Quality Standards, we have located our productions operation in the Netherlands. What kind of air filtration systems are effective? … Read more


How JOA provides Service for Industrial Air Filter Systems After project completion, we like to stay in touch and offer you the best possible service. JOA’s servicing and monitoring have an interactive and personal approach. Both existing as our own systems can be serviced, provided with spare parts of adjusted to fulfill your future needs … Read more


Research & Development

JOA Air Filtration Technologies

Our Delft-based R&D department is devoted to provide customized Industrial Air Filter solutions. Alternative filter technologies such as acoustic agglomeration and photocatalytic oxidation are helping to change the Air Filter industry by addressing effective emission control.

In over 22 years of successfully assisted FMCG, Pharma and Chemical companies worldwide with the following technologies and services:

Fume, Vapor, Odor & Aerosol Filters

  • HEPA Filters
  • Diamond series of activated carbon filters
  • Series of High-efficiency automatic belt filters
  • Coalescer Belt Aerosol Filter
  • Photocatalytic Oxidation
  • Standardized Wet Scrubbers

Dust Collector & UFP Filters

  • Ultra-fine Particulate pre-treatment to enable usage of standard dust filter systems
  • Direct air return energy recovery filters
  • CFD optimized pulse jet envelope and high-surface element filters
  • Inline Venturi Scrubbers

JOA Air Systems & Technologies

  • Product recovery extraction hoods
  • Indoor Climate Optimization
  • Improving Cleanroom Environments with Micro Climate™
  • Filter Bag Collectors
  • Advanced CFD shear force coalescing
  • Nano-enabled Ceramic Filters to directly convert fumes/odors into harmless components
  • Ultrasonic Acoustic Agglomeration
  • Spray Dryer solutions

Additionally, we have a JOA Air Filter catalog where you can find our best practices and standardized solutions for industry-proven applications.

With our broad range of filtration systems, we can always meet your requirements. Our product owners and consultants are ready to get involved in your emission control.