Keeping your process running by preventing fine and sticky particles agglomerating inside piping and filter walls by acoustic cleaning systems

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Why Cleaning in Place is important for your process

The insides of pipes, filters and silos are often hard to reach during maintenance and clogging. Acoustic cleaning systems offer the ability of using sound waves both to remove particulate build-up and prevent recurrence in a variety of industrial applications. Unlike other methods, acoustic cleaning is non-invasive, non-destructive, and can be fully automated. If a process generates dry particulate buildup, maintenance costs can be minimalized and efficiency can be increased by choosing for a custom solution, saving valuable time and resources.

Using Acoustic Cleaning in Place to clean systems in place

JOA provides with Ultra soundwaves we are able to prevent particulate buildup. We place transducers in the filter/silo wall that makes the steel vibrate to prevent the product sticking to the wall. The transducers are carefully placed and will continuously run during your production process.

By carefully modeling your specific process in advance, we are able to optimize based on various:

  • Products
  • Speeds
  • Temperatures

Unique features of JOA’s Acoustic Cleaning in Place

  • Acoustic CiP Transducers can apply ‘Power Mode’ which increases power cleaning to remove agglomerated product after finishing a batch.
  • JOA can install automated transducers, optimized to your specific system requirements or assist you on-site to assist maintenance.
  • With our Force Balancing Model, we are able to truly understand your process. By making upgrade suggestions, fouling can be minimized and the cleaning interval of your pipe network can be more than doubled.
  • No water needed. No erosion or corrosion. No mechanical wear and less noise due to carefully placed transducers.
  • Continued filter cone cleaning during production to prevent agglomeration of valuable product on filters and filter inner housing.
  • Acoustic CiP can be done during regular production so production does not need to be stopped, which is the case with regular cleaning.
  • Reduced Explosion Zoning required. Also see webinar on Reduced Explosion Zoning.
  • During stops, Filter bags can be cleaned by reverse pulse jets

Filter division plate and powder release cone are cleaned by product-specific ‘pressurized air sweeps’

What is Acoustic Cleaning in Place

Acoustic Cleaning is done by the maintenance department of manufacturers that handle bulk materials such as sugar, starch, grains, ingredients, chemicals and all other forms of powders. Common industries that rely on Acoustic Cleaning are the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. To remove the buildup and clogging of materials on surfaces, acoustic cleaning systems create powerful sound waves that shakes particles loose. This reduces the need for extensive cleaning. Implementing Acoustic Cleaning creates a major improvement to Health and Safety for Operators.

Cleaning in Place (CIP) is a method that cleans the surface of pipes, filter walls or silos without the need to disassemble anything. This saves a lot of time and resources and therefore costs. CIP can be automated or done during regular or preventive maintenance.

By combining Acoustic Cleaning with Cleaning in Place, JOA is able to remove all congested particles from all kind of surfaces so production can run fluently again. As our transducers can enable ‘Power Mode’ with extra high frequencies, even the hardest and most adhesive materials will let go. This results in removing all congestions and less loss of time. Acoustic Cleaning in Place can be done during stops or during production.

Benefits of using Acoustic Cleaning in Place at your site

  • Less downtime by prevention of clogged pipes and filter walls
  • Reduced manpower resources needed when conducting maintenance activities
  • Effective removal of even the hardest and adhesive materials
  • Increased quality performance by preventing cross-contamination
  • Product Recovery and Waste reduction due to more product recovered by remaining in the production process.
  • Can be added to the inlet of existing filters
  • Product Agglomeration Prevention within filters
  • Creating Healthy and Safe Work Environments

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