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Why start upgrading your site with a pre-engineering study?

Solving challenges related to dust, vapors or energy is often your primary concern. The expected results are often unclear and you don’t exactly know what improvements can be made. Let alone that you could decide what opportunities would benefit your process most…

That’s why, we strongly advise you to base your decisions on measurements and Air Technical Modeling. This way you will be able to know what to expect when looking for process improvements, next to learning about guaranteed results when cooperating with JOA Air Solutions.

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Companies around the globe challenge us to find the solution for complicated factory air quality and emission control issues. We gladly take on these challenges, because nothing excites us more than solving the most complicated questions.

Martin Tukker, director of JOA

A Proven Approach towards better Emission Control:

Because next to keeping your operations going, you are always scouting what could be improved at your site. Often many scenarios are overlooked. That is why we have created a basic procedure that can be adjusted to your requirements:

  1. Site Survey & Taking Measurements

    Collecting data is the fundamental to future success. Taking the right measurements is an art. Gaining knowledge on extraction points, velocities, over-extraction. Particle Characteristics are identified by lab tests.

  2. Air Technical Modeling

    To truly understand your operations, we make use of in-house developed software to map out opportunities and validate designs before installation. This guarantees results and offers a clear view on where your process could be made more efficient.

    Read more about Air Technical modeling

  3. Analysis & Improvement Plan

    Insights on existing process are analyzed and reported. An Improvement Plan will be made with multiple scenarios so you are sure to be able to make the right decisions on equipment requirements (e.g. hoods, restrictions, ducting). We always rank the provided options based on costs, returns, compliance and operator health & safety.

  4. Reporting back including Budget Quote

    Only a report will not suffice. Our experts will present back findings to your improvement team, including a budget quote on building and implementation costs. This way, you can make weigh alternatives and prevent decisions based on gut feeling.

Why trust JOA before choosing between standard or tailored dust & vapor extraction systems?

  • We take the time to understand your process as we believe the decisions can only be made based on data and air technical modeling

  • 90% of the over Systems build by JOA at over 200 sites are designed after a thorough pre-engineering

  • Future outcomes can be guaranteed based on in-house developed software, validated during 24 years of successful projects for the largest manufacturers worldwide

  • Industry experience within multiple industries, including: Chemicals, Plastics, Food, Tobacco, Ingredients, Pharmaceuticals, Materials and Terminals.

  • Our on-house R&D department makes sure we remain a front runner in cutting-edge Industrial Air Filtration Technology

  • Pre-engineering Studies provides scenarios with process guarantees prior to building the system. This also provides long term economic benefits and helps predict and guarantee Personal Exposure Levels.


Results from choosing to conduct a pre-engineering Study before implementation

  • No more trial & error when selecting Emission Control, Dust Collection or Vapor Extraction equipment

  • Improved decision making by knowing exactly what you need after weighing alternatives

  • Not settling for standard, ‘quick and dirty’ solutions and hoping for the best

  • Feeling safe and secure about ATEX zoning, Emission Compliance, Noise, Odors, Reliability and more

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Data is the difference between guessing and knowing what’s best for your site and process. It’s also the best base for future upgrades and improvements

René Boscher, Manager Service & modeling

Additional features related to Pre-engineering Studies

As every site, process, product and area is different, our approach is altered to your specific challenge at hand.

  • Quick Energy Screening: Learn more about how energy consumption can be reduced or how Heat can be recovered, sometimes Low or Medium waste heat sources

  • Masterplan: Thorough screening of all possible upgrades within your site. Includes investment costs, ROI’s, Priorities and additional points of consideration. Improves decision making. Can be conducted together with pre-engineering study.

  • Preventive Maintenance: Make sure your systems remain fully operational and extend their lifetime. Measurements on Velocities, Static pressures, Humidity and Temperature. Inspection of piping and filter or fan equipment. Reporting back findings for replacements and improvements. Learn more about Preventive Maintenance

  • Corrective Maintenance: We will guarantee support in case of any system malfunctioning.

  • Spare Parts: Burst disks, Float Valves, Restrictors. You name it, we will make sure to keep your operations running.

How to solve Industrial Challenges related to Energy, Health, Safety and Emission Limits

Because complex processes, product characteristics and a variety of interests need to be considered, we understand all interventions we propose are interconnected. When conducting pre-engineering studies, we often proceed through three solutions directions. All based on advanced data driven modeling.

  • 1. Process optimization through Root Cause Elimination

    We analyse your specific industrial production process for possible improvements to reduce indoor emissions of dust, aerosols and vapor.

  • 2. Source elimination by effective extraction systems

    Creating an advise for a tailor-made dust, gas or vapor extraction system, designed to fully fit with your requirements, preventing over-extraction and energy wasting

  • 3. Source dilution by ventilation and cool jets

    We advise via a dilution model on possible needed push-pull solutions or ventilation to dilute dust and vapor in regards to operator exposure and ATEX zone.

With this study during the pre-engineering phase, all emissions points and exhaust systems will be assessed on dust and vapor emissions, extraction hoods, piping layout and extraction capacities. Also the effectiveness of the current system will be evaluated within the scope of this study. Different points in the current extraction system will be measured to check the velocity of the airflow, relative humidity and temperature. Also, interviews with the operators and maintenance team will be conducted.

Based on this assessment a solution will be provided which includes:

  • Improvement of outdoor emissions

  • Odor emissions

  • Reduction of indoor emissions and exposure to the operators.

  • Explosion safety (ATEX)

  • Minimal energy & water usage

The characteristics (incl. particle size distribution) of the dusts will be considered for selection of the extraction and filtration solution. This means that we will also look into other extraction and filtration solutions next to the current scrubber based solution.

How Pre-engineering Studies lead to improved and tailored System Designs

In order to design the right solution we will use our in-house developed Air Technical Modeling software (GCM). This Graphical Computer Model is developed to design, visualize and balance extraction systems. It provides a very powerful functionality such as a graphical user interface using JOA proprietary algorithms. This model has an iterative function, resulting in precise system balance (1Pa) design to ensure a non-fouling system without valves. Many Dust & Vapor Extraction systems created this way have operated successfully for 2-3 years without any duct cleaning.  This is very important for uptime as well as reducing maintenance costs.

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