Tailor-made Dust Extraction solutions solving complex industrial challenges resulting in Safe and Healthy Work Environments

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Dust leading to Inefficient Processes, Explosion Risks and Operator Health issues

Dust, in all it’s forms, is bad for operations in multiple ways. It can clog pipes, create unpleasant and unhealthy work environments and even lead to Explosive Atmospheres.

Downtime due to maintenance or cleaning leads to repetitive tasks and inhaling dust or even UFP’s are leading to unhappy workers that would prefer to work somewhere else. Not knowing when the next unexpected stop or even explosion occurs, is not how you would like to run your site.

Creating better Dust Collection Systems for various industries

We understand dust and particles like no other. As no production process is the same, we believe the best solutions can only be created after thorough measurements and data collection. After a site survey and true understanding of your site’s challenge, we start running all data through our Air Technical Modelling software and start engineering our tailor-made solution.

Why choose JOA?

  • Quaranteed predictions of air flows
  • Over 23 years of experience
  • Vast track record with installed base of over 200 sites worldwide

Our approach:

  1. Data Collection & Site Survey
  2. Engineering & Air Technical Modelling
  3. Building and Implementing new or upgraded Dust Collection System
  4. Service & Monitoring

Our Systems prevent dust related issues

  • Dusty Work Environments
  • Downtime due to Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Explosion Risk
  • Over-Extraction
  • Unhappy and unhealthy workers

Every operator wants to work in a healthy and safe environment

Start creating a clean, efficient, healthy and safe work environment for your industrial site with balanced Dust Extraction by sharing your challenge with us. Manage Explosion risks and remove UFP’s before they can be inhaled by extracting them from the source. Happy workers and uptime lead to the best performance of your process.

What are Dust Collection Systems?

Systems to collect dust in industrial environments is of the utmost importance to create Healthy Work Environments, increase Explosion Safety and is needed to comply with legislation. A balanced system removes particulate contaminants from the air in manufacturing environments.

How does Dust Collection work?

Dust Collection Systems clean the air by forcing it through a series of filters. The air is first extracted at the source of a emission point, often machinery at the industrial site. Once the air is clean, it’s expelled again or recirculated. Effective dust collection systems control, remove or reduce potentially harmful particles from air or gases during a manufacturing process.

What Industrial Dust Collection Systems are available:

A dust extraction system goes further than simply removing dust from the work environment. Itprotects workforces and provides a safer environment, with the added benefits of mobility and ease of cleaning. Dust extraction is a cost-effective solution to remove potentially harmful dust from the atmosphere.

  • Reduced dust emissions to operators and plant (within EHS norm < 5mg/m3)
  • Reduce fouling of process equipment and the plant (Housekeeping)
  • Reduce material losses during feeding and weighing processes
  • Improve productivity by enhanced venting
  • Comply with plant safety (ATEX)

It has become evident that ultra-fine dust particulates have a direct negative effect on our health (lung and heart failure) Anticipating the EUs preliminary exposure limit of 40 µg/m3, e.g. when recirculating air from dust collection plants Accoustic Agglomeration provides an adequate solution.

Since 1998, JOA has designed and built tailor-made dust filtration systems for handling industrial dust emissions and effectively eliminating ultra-fine particulates (UFP’s), with < 0.1 mg/m3 are possible. In the event of combustible dust (KST Value and Minimum Ignition Energy), all JOA filters can be equipped with explosion venting for ATEX certification.

Industries that JOA design and builds dust filtration systems for include Food, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Ingredients, Tobacco, Paint & Coatings, Building Materials, Printing and many more.

Share your challenge with us and
see how we can help you.

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