Proven Industrial Air Filters for Fumes, Vapor, Odor & Aerosols with High Separation Efficiencies and Low Pressure Drops. Realizing less downtime due to reduced maintenance time.

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Why choosing the right Air Filter is important

The effect of emissions on the environment and the people working close by, can be profound when they are not dealt with properly. There are four major elements related to effective Air Filtration when dealing with Fumes, Vapor, Odor and Aerosols:

  1. Healthy Work Environment: Depending on the type of particles, Operator health risks can range from mild to very severe. By professionally dealing with the produced vapor and fumes, the company’s primary asset, it’s people, are protected from adverse effects. 
  2. Explosion Safety: When the air around the facility becomes combustible or flammable due to a high concentration of particles in the air, EU legislation requires safety precautions to be put in place in the area at risk. This area is called an ‘Ex-Zone’. All production processes with flammable fumes as a byproduct, have to deal with these mandatory ex-zones around their facility. By efficiently and effectively extracting these flammable or combustible particles, the risk of creating a dangerous atmosphere is reduced and fewer safety precautions are necessary.
  3. Emission Limits & Sustainability: Even non-combustible particles can pose a threat to the environment. Over 45% of all global CO2 emissions are produced by industrial facilities, which makes it our responsibility to limit these emissions as much as possible and realize SDG Goals. Eliminating them close to the source is often key.
  4. Legislation & Compliance: Production facilities are bound by strict sets of rules concerning emissions, health and safety. These rules are expected to become even more strict in the near future. Proper extraction of vapor and fumes is the only way to ensure a facility stays compliant and future proof. 

Choosing the right Air Filtration System

When it comes to filters, there are many different options. JOA believes that only after a thorough investigation of a site’s specific process requirements including a site survey, an optimal solution can be created. We base all our designs

This way we are able to design Extraction Systems when standard filters will not suffice.

Benefits of JOA Air Filters

  • High separation efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • Easy installation and low in maintenance
  • High resistance to fouling
  • Multiple materials available
  • Proven designs for any kind of specific product, process and particle

JOA Air Filter portfolio:

Building upon a vast track record of implemented systems in the FMCG, Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries, JOA has various proven designs of air filters that can be implemented and integrated within tailor-made systems.

High Effiency Aerosol Filters (HEAF)

  • High Efficiency Aerosol Filtration (HEAF) Systems provide filtering & removal efficiencies of for sticky, oily, or soluble aerosol emissions. HEAF systems use fiberglass or polyester filter media and the principles of impaction, interception, and Brownian motion to achieve removal efficiencies of 99.99% or higher. Advantages of HEAF Filters:
    • Modular / Flexible
    • Energy savings
    • Reduced maintenance

Diamond series of Activated Carbon Filters

  • A more classical way of treating low concentration fumes, odors, and vapors is to have the exhaust air, with adequate residence time, flow through an activated carbon bed. Adsorption is the mechanism by which activated carbon removes the pollutants from the air stream. The activation of the carbon creates a large surface area that is available to clean the exhaust air.

Coalescer Filt Aerosol Filter

  • The automated belt filter is an efficient and low cost Pre-Filter that protect carbon bed units against liquid aerosols and solidifying fumes.
  • In many production processes the presence of sticky, oily, or solidifying fumes requires an automated pre-filter solution. JOA’s coalescer belt filter is an ideal pre-filter when carbon bed units needs protection.

Photocatalytic Oxidation

  • This process is a combination of photo-oxidation based on the effect of UV radiation and catalytic oxidation. It is mainly used in environments that are burdened with a high quantity of odorous and organic substances that are hard to decompose (oxidize).


  • A demister is a device often fitted to vapor–liquid separator vessels to enhance the removal of liquid droplets entrained in a vapor stream. Demisters may be a mesh-type coalescer, vane pack or other structure intended to aggregate the mist into droplets that are heavy enough to separate from the vapor stream.
  • Demisters can reduce the residence time required to separate a given liquid droplet size by reducing the volume and associated cost of separator equipment. Demisters are often used where vapor quality is important in regard to entrained liquids, particularly where separator equipment costs are high (e.g., high-pressure systems) or where space or weight savings are advantageous.

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