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The side effects of manufacturing in the Food Production Industry, often entails Food Safety, Emissions, Air Pollution, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and Noise Pollution. JOA Air Solutions is an expert is finding solutions and improving processes for Food and FMCG manufacturers in the fields of Emission Control, Filtration, Explosion Safety, Healthy Work Environments, Energy Reduction & Recovery and Emission Limits & Legislation.

Handling Emissions effectively in the Food Production Industry

Manufacturing: in the Food Industry includes processing:

         Bakery Products          Flour
         Breadcrumbs          Grain, Wheat, Seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits
         Cereals          Pet Food
         Chewing Gum          Powdered infant formula
         Cocoa          Sugar
         Coffee and Tea          Starch
         Confectionery & Candy          Yeast
         Dairy (e.g. Milk) and Milk Powder          Other Bulk Solids
         Feed          Ingredients like Sugar, Starch, Milk Powder, Cacao

Substances: Effective filtration is needed for the following particles and substances:

         Alkalis like barium, sodium, ammonium, calcium, lithium and potassium hydroxides          Diacetyl
         Anaerobes          Ecoli
         Bacillus cereus          Enterobacter Sakazakii
         Bacteria          Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia Coli
         Bioaerosols          Listeria Monocytogenes
         Clostridium botulinum          Mycotoxins
         Campylobacter          Hexane
         Clostridium Perfringens          Isobutyl Isobutyrate


How to create effective filtration of Emissions during Food Processing

Your operations rely on steady performance, reliability and efficiency. A high quality filtration of air, dust and vapors is crucial to keep your work environment clean and healthy, reduce explosion risks and maintain your equipment in the best possible condition. To achieve your goals, we propose the following plan.

  1. Data Collection & Measurements

    We believe, no good decision can be made without data. It might be tempting to choose a ‘quick and dirty’ standardized solution. On the long run, truly understanding your site’s specific requirements is the foundation of Operator Health, Explosion Safety, Maintenance reduction and Energy Savings.

  2. Consultancy & Design based on Modeling

    Only data has no value. With our in-house developed Air Technical Modeling Software, we are able to truly understand your site’s operations and bottlenecks. Our Design Engineers have experience in finding the best solutions and improvements for the largest and most complex Chemical production sites worldwide.

  3. Building & Implementation

    No system is manufactured, before a thorough investigation and understanding of your product and process. Our wide portfolio of extraction and emission control equipment builds on a large database of patents and proven designs. In occasion, our R&D department stands ready to find innovative solutions and co-create new equipment.

Benefits of trusting JOA for your Air Filtration challenges

  • Gain exact knowledge of how to improve process performance with the extraction of Dust, Vapors and Aerosols

  • Odor abatement

  • Cutting downtime, maintenance resources and product loss

  • Save energy by preventing over-extraction and balanced systems

  • Extend equipment lifetime and corrosion resistance

  • Limiting microbiological cross-contamination from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Molds, Bacteria, Viruses and (ultra) Fine Dusts from dry ingredients or bulk goods.

  • ATEX Compliant Equipment

  • Product recovery and preventing Over-Extraction

Industrial Solutions for the Food Industry

To maximize efficiency at large-scale production, JOA offers a wide variety of equipment that will be tailored to your specific site and process. All extraction systems are validated by Air Technical Modeling to guarantee future performance and ROI.

At all times, our solutions are tailored to your specific safety guidelines and designed to mitigate the risks of cross-contamination, combustion, microbial growth and operator safety.

Every industrial challenge is unique. Contact JOA to share your thoughts on where you would like to improve your process

We are always there to discuss your challenges. Our goal is to guide you on your path to high performance operations and Healthy & Safe environments.

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