Healthy Work Environment

Providing a healthy work environment with clean air prevents negative health effects such as cardiovascular and lung diseases caused by pollution.

Indoor exposure to ultra-fine particles is a serious long-term health risk. Therefore, it is essential to address air pollution particulate matter in a professional manner to create a healthy work environment without harmful solid particles in the air while also complying with the HVAC air filter standards.

A healthy work environment requires eliminating:

  1. Fine particulate matter (or fine dust): PM10 range

  2. Ultra-fine particulate matter (UFP’s or nanoparticles): <PM0.1 range

  3. Fumes, vapors, odors, and aerosols

How to realize a healthy work environment at your site fast?

JOA has installed over 1000 systems around the globe, and we have learned how to perfect our extraction systems. As a result, our GCM modeling predicts the best possible solution for your specific situation. Consequently, we ensure results that work from the get-go at economically attractive rates. Every project starts with on-site data collection and analysis. Data are derived by personal sampling and combined with an emission measurement program presented in a Consultancy Study. Our measurements make sure we comply with the HVAC balancing standards.

It is our common passion to apply air innovations for a better quality of life and work. Our team is dedicated to build or upgrade your product lines with innovative fine dust reduction systems.

An economical solution that works from the get-go

We predict the effectiveness of our extraction systems by history-matching the collected data in the GCM model. HVAC dilution jets provide a way of handling critical personal exposure in addition to eliminating the source. This way, we can generate an optimal technical solution for the most economic scenario. Analyzing the type of produced dust or fumes determines the maximum applicable exposure norm. We look at the behavior of particulate matter to engineer the system and select the best filter technology. This includes Acoustic Agglomeration for eliminating UFP’s and making sure to comply with HVAC standards.


HVAC Dilution

Effective fume collection

Ensure a healthy work environment at your site by eliminating vapors and odors using scrubbers, coalesce belt filters and photocatalytic oxidation. Apply our sustainable solutions and increase the quality of your air environment with full control.