Transforming Waste Heat to Sustainable Energy: JOA Air Solutions launches groundbreaking initiative in Industrial Energy Recovery

Advanced Industrial Heat Pump system upgrades low-grade waste heat into hot water, reducing CO2 emissions

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    DELFT, March 6, 2024 – Dutch company JOA Air Solutions has launched a groundbreaking energy recovery project this month, converting waste heat into sustainable energy. This significant milestone in the European manufacturing industry’s journey towards sustainability establishes a new benchmark for industrial production globally.

    The project centres around the installation of a Hot Water Heat Pump system on the production site of Philip Morris (PMI) in Bergen op Zoom. A first in the tobacco industry and a rare innovation across all industrial sectors. This advanced system will upgrade low-grade waste heat into high temperature water at 85–90 °C, utilizing ammonia as a refrigerant for its superior energy efficiency.

    “Many manufacturers are discussing how to enhance their operations with heat pumps. PMI is the first to invest in this type of innovation, setting a precedent that may inspire adoption across various industries,” said Bas van den Bogerd, Business Development Director at JOA Air Solutions. “We’re already engaging in discussions to implement similar solutions in other PMI sites and within the Food & Chemical industries.”

    The project is part of one of the most extensive industrial Heat Recovery projects undertaken in the Benelux and Western Europe. It is projected to deliver approximately 13 GWh (gigawatt hours) of heat saving in hot water utility annually, reducing CO2 emissions by over 2,500 tons, demonstrating PMI’s significant contribution to global sustainability efforts. The full system is sized for about 3 MW heat output.

    “We are on a journey to become Carbon Neutral by 2025 and achieve Net Zero by 2040,” stated Aurora Marin, Sustainability Manager at PMI. “One of the key projects in our Bergen op Zoom factory involves a heat recovery system that captures waste heat from process furnace stacks. With the help of heat pumps, we aim to generate hot water for both process and factory heating. This endeavour is unique, likely the first of its kind in Europe.”

    Dutch Company JOA Air Solutions has been selected to design and install the heat recovery project. “We greatly appreciate our partnership with PMI and their eagerness to embrace new technologies,” Bas van den Bogerd added. “JOA has a long history of collaboration with PMI, not just in Bergen op Zoom but across many PMI factories in the EU (European Union), Asia, and the Americas. Our shared experiences and expertise are foundational to the success of this project.”

    Set to start in March 2024 and complete by year-end, this project is positioned to serve as a model for other industrial entities aiming to harness waste heat for more sustainable operations. With an expected CO2 reduction of 80% upon completion, the project illustrates the substantial environmental impact achievable through innovative energy recovery strategies.

    About JOA Air Solutions

    JOA designs and builds tailor-made Emission Control and Energy Recovery Solutions for the largest, most complex production processes worldwide. Originating from Delft, it leads the way in providing the best possible extraction of harmful particles from the air. After discovering a lot of process heat being wasted in the Food, Chemical and Consumer Goods industries, it focused its resources on the integration of Industrial Heat Exchangers and Heat Pumps.

    About PMI Bergen op Zoom

    Philip Morris International in Bergen op Zoom is at the forefront of the tobacco industry’s transition towards sustainability and operational excellence. Committed to reducing its environmental impact, PMI leverages innovative technology and innovative practices to set new standards in sustainable manufacturing.

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