Webinar: Improve Vapor & Fumes Emission Control for Industrial Environments

Effectively handling of Vapor & Fumes for your indoor manufacturing processes is an art

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Effectively handling of Vapor & Fumes for your indoor manufacturing processes is an art. It is something you need experience and practice with as hood designs, among others, are crucial and it is intangible how much capacity you need for effective extraction. In this short (30 minutes) webinar, we will share our knowledge and provide alternative solution directions.

Main Topics Covered

  • Challenges when collecting Vapor & Fumes, including: Gravity vs. Heat & Density, Condensation, Pollution and Fire Safety
  • Examples & Best Practices from the FMCG & Chemical industries
  • Solutions you might want to consider:
    • Source Extraction
    • End of Pipe: Coalescer Belt Filters, PCO Filters using Nano-Tech, Diamond activated carbon unit, Inline Venturi Scrubber
    • JOA’s Proven Process of Consultancy (including on-site measurements), Engineering, Air Technical Modeling, Realization and Service

Damp, Gas, Fume, Vapor and Odor, all have the same in common: They are all potential malefactors for a Healthy Work Environment. It also often provides opportunities to recover energy and an integrated design can result in better Economics. After this webinar, you will be able to improve your decision making as you’ve broadened your understanding of Vapor and Fumes collection, learned more about best practices from multiple industries and increased your solution toolkit.

In the last 22 years, we have realized over 2000 air filtration projects worldwide. We reduce downtime, improve OPEX and assist with creating safe & sustainable operations. By effectively predicting your required specifications in advance, we implement reliable 1st time right Industrial Filtration Systems.JOA Air Solutions is a specialist and knowledge partner in complex challenges for the FMCG, Pharma and Chemical industry when standard filtration is not enough.

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