Webinar: Reduced Explosion Zoning by Effective Dust & Vapor Extraction

Being able to reduce the required zoning by improving your site’s ability to effectively extract Dust and Vapor can make a tremendous impact on your operations. Watch this webinar and learn more about what you can do and how to increase safe operations.

Main Topics Covered

  • Explosion danger: Explosive Atmospheres, Danger zones, Ignition Sources and more
  • Legislation (1999/92/EG and 2014/34/EU directives)
  • Explosion Safety Document (ESD)
  • Dust & Vapor characteristics
  • Preventing the creation of explosive atmospheres, Elimination of ignition sources and possibilities for Controlled Explosions
  • Equipment requirements and saving costs

After this webinar, you have learned how to reduce your Explosion zones and improve safety at your site.

Read about the latest accidents or incidents and how to prevent them in the future. Follow these insightful databases:

  • Minerva (European Commission) – Selection of sources of investigation reports and analysis of chemical accidents.
  • FACTS, Failure and ACcidents Technical information System. Chemical Accident Database.

If you have any questions regarding the webinar, do not hesitate to contact us.

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