Delft 32h - 40h | 70k - 90k Bachelor’s/Master’s degree

You are the leading project designer/engineer building our energy recovery and emission control solutions. With your structured and detailed approach, your engineering background and your affinity with (new) technology, you are the perfect person to bring engineering and our sustainable air and energy recovery solutions together. You love to work in an international environment and thanks to your proactive attitude, you are on top of new technological developments and our clients’ projects.


JOA is all about bringing sustainable ‘Air’ and energy recovery solutions to our multinational clients (for example: Nestlé, DSM-firmenich, Cargill, Sabic and Bayer). We are a well-established designer and manufacturer of tailor-made air filtration and energy recovery systems. The large and multi-disciplinary projects are often based on our own patented technology. Are you looking for a place that puts its employees first while staying on the cutting-edge of technology? Welcome to JOA! You will find yourself among the sharpest minds aiming to change the world with innovative technology and remarkable sustainable solutions. In other words, we supply we supply the best possible solutions for the largest, most complex processes worldwide.

At JOA we love to solve complicated challenges, making innovative systems and in the meantime creating solutions for sustainable operations all around the world. We innovate air and energy. That is what JOA is all about.

Bas van den Bogerd – Director of Business Development


You will be leading in designing our multi-disciplinary projects, doing 3D HiCAD design work, shop surveys and production realization support. These projects are in the field of exhaust-air emission control, energy recovery & upgrade via heat pump technology. You work closely together with our process engineers, air technical engineers and E&I engineers, since JOA delivers turn-key solutions.

Example of JOA multidisciplinary projects.

Our company has a ‘can do’ mentality. That’s why we appreciate people that are team players that function well within an independent role with substantial responsibilities. No need to mention we find it important you have good communication skills in English and preferably also Dutch.

Selection criteria:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree (10+ years’ experience)
  • Preferably mechanical/process engineering background
  • Experience with industrial equipment (capital goods) and specifically industrial extraction solutions is a pre
  • Valid EU working permit


  • The usual. Top level earnings and great secondary conditions.
  • A great work environment. Our top priority is creating a place where people love to work. We will give you freedom, respect, training & guidance and the resources that you need.
  • Flexibility. We find it important that everyone at JOA can have a great work and personal live balance. You have a senior position, so flexibility is embedded in your job description. 
  • Challenging. The kind of people we are looking for are driven by a deep desire for new challenges. If you do, you might be a great fit within our JOA family.

(Acquisition by third parties is not appreciated)

How to Apply?

Are you interested in applying? Please contact Bas van den Bogerd at:

Phone: +31 15 2572796


(Acquisition by third parties is not appreciated)


Bas van den Bogerd - JOA Air Solutions