Engineering Internship

Delft, The Netherlands 32-40 BSc./MSc. (Mechanical) Engineering

Kickstart your career and contribute to less industrial pollution while learning more about tailor-made emission control solutions.

Even if your still studying, it’s common to feel uncertain about which career path to pursue. To support you in this process, we offer an Engineering Internship that provides opportunities to learn across various disciplines such as consultancy, Design & Engineering, Project Management, E&I and Automation. This program allows you to gain valuable experience while still studying and exploring different areas of interest within the field of engineering.

JOA distinguishes herself by truly understanding the clients’ requirements regarding dust & fume emissions. By creating the best possible solutions, industrial operations will become more efficient.

Tailor-made technical solutions for the largest manufacturers, worldwide

After our clients share a challenge related to emissions, energy or process inefficiencies, we often take measurements, collect data and provide a Pre-Engineering Study. Our role may vary from Consultancy, Design & Engineering, E&I, Automation or Project Management, depending on your preferences and ambitions.

We will go deep into analyzing the (Chemical/Food) production process to truly understand their challenge and come up with the best possible solutions. After the Pre-Engineering Phase, we are often requested to follow up on Design, Engineering, Building and Implementation. Your internship can be related to one or more disciplines depending on your interests.

Because of the current importance of Emission Legislation, Energy Consumption and Resource Efficiency, we are very busy in providing newly design systems and innovative solutions for our growing client base. This is also the reason we are looking for fresh new ideas.

Preferred Education & Skills

  • Pursuing a BSc. / MSc. Degree in Mechanical / Industrial Engineering (or similar)
  • Broadly interested in topics like Emission Control, Air Filtration, Scrubbers, Dust Collection, Machine Building, Industrial Process Improvement, Energy Recovery and more.
  • Decent communication skills in English. Preferably also in Dutch.
  • Solution driven mindset, ‘Can do’ mentality
  • Flexible, Supportive, Curious and Thorough

Please note: Only applicants with valid EU work VISA will be considered for this vacancy

Why should you choose for JOA Air Solutions

Contribute to Clean Air, Energy Efficiency and Healthy & Safe work conditions for the largest manufacturers, worldwide!

  • Improve operations and create a sustainable impact with groundbreaking innovations at the largest sites in the world for manufacturers like DSM, Nestlé, KraftHeinz, 3M, Dow, Covestro, BASF and many more.
  • Supportive colleagues and down to earth atmosphere. Frequent social events
  • Flexible conditions regarding working hours, renumeration, bonus, etc. All dependent on your skills and ambitions.
  • We are very open to find work / projects / topics that suit your interests and ambitions
  • Ambitious and growing atmosphere. Only work for clients leading in their field.
  • Training and educational opportunities are available to suit your ambitions
  • JOA is very supportive for students. Many previous interns are offered contracts after their internship as ‘work student’ of full-time employee.

At JOA we love to solve complicated challenges, inventing innovative products and in the meantime creating solutions to create a healthy environment all around the world, We Innovate Air, that is what JOA is all about.

Martin Tukker, Technical Director of JOA

About JOA Air Solutions

We believe every complex industrial process deserves a tailor-made emission control solution. For the largest manufacturers, worldwide, JOA had implemented a large variety of solutions related to Pollution Reduction, Energy Recovery, Healthy Work Environments and Explosion Safety.

Our vast track record of solutions includes scrubbers, dust collection systems, microclimates, consultancy and other solutions for Fumes / Vapors / Odor. We distinguish ourselves by our technology, involvement and client focus. JOA is owned by its employees and therefore has the culture of a family business. More information can be found at the about us page.

How to Apply?

Are you interested in applying? Please contact Bas van den Bogerd at:

Phone: +31 15 2572796


(Acquisition by third parties is not appreciated)


Bas van den Bogerd - JOA Air Solutions