Webinar: Industrial Process Improvements

Including 4 real-life Case Studies from various industries

Why watch this webinar about Process Improvements?

The world is changing with a constant unpredictable growth of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. When manufacturing, this might lead to big challenges with regards to wasting resources, downtime and increased costs. After watching this webinar, we will give clear insights in what you can do to start improving and why standard extraction systems are always underperforming.

Topics Covered

In this less than 15 minutes, we will explain how industrial processes can be improved by a different approach of handling dust, fumes, odor and pneumatic transports. More topics covered:

  • What’s at stake and what problems manufacturers face when trying to improve processes.
  • Clear insights on where to start
  • A different approach to Extraction of Dust, Fumes and Odor with 3 simple steps
  • How to prevent wasting resources and optimize uptime with balanced extraction systems
  • 4 real-life cases where JOA was able to make impact on large manufacturing sites with complex challenges.

If you have any questions regarding the webinar, do not hesitate to contact us.

Related topics:

Improving industrial processes by better dust & fume extraction is at the core of our business. It’s what already 200 sites from the largest manufacturers have experienced by trusting JOA Air Solutions. It does not stand alone but is highly interconnected with the other four industrial challenges we help to solve:

About JOA Air Solutions

In the last 24 years, we have realized over 2000 air filtration projects for the largest manufacturers worldwide. We reduce downtime, improve OPEX and assist with creating healthy, safe & sustainable operations. By effectively modeling your required specifications in advance, we implement reliable 1st time right Industrial Filtration Systems. JOA Air Solutions is a specialist and knowledge partner in complex challenges for the Food, Chemical and Plastics industries when standard extraction systems will not suffice.

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