Air Filtration Consultancy creating tailor-made & effective Concept Designs

JOA designs effective, efficient, high-performance Air Filtration systems that maintain their value for the client and are flexible enough to accommodate future growth and upgrades. Being aware on the future norms on ATEX, UFP’s (Ultra Fine Particulates) and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds and Smog), predictive modeling realizes Energy Reduction, increased Safety and CAPEX management for both Greenfield as Brownfield sites.

JOA quote

Companies around the globe challenge us to find the solution for complicated factory air quality and emission control issues. We gladly take on these challenges, because nothing excites us more than solving the most complicated questions.

Martin Tukker, director of JOA

Our approach starts with a consultancy study in which we address 3 interconnected solution directions. These solution directions require advanced data driven modelling.

  1. Process optimization through Root Cause Elimination

    We analyze your specific industrial production process for possible improvements to reduce indoor emissions of dust, aerosols and vapor.

  2. Source elimination by effective extraction systems

    We create an advise for a tailor-made dust, gas or vapor extraction system.

  3. Source dilution by ventilation and cool jets

    We advise via a dilution model on possible needed push-pull solutions or ventilation to dilute dust and vapor in regards to operator exposure and ATEX zone.

How does JOA Air Consultancy work

  • Every case is different and requires good analysis in advance to optimize results later.

  • We communicate closely with your team of engineers, process owners, production specialists and operators to fully understand your unique system requirements.

  • We visit and inspect your site to take measurements and gather ideas for improvement

  • Experience from multiple industries (including Food, Pharma, Chemical and many more) ensure out-of-the-box suggestions for your specific process.

  • Our on-house R&D department makes sure we remain a front runner in cutting-edge Industrial Air Filter technology

In over 22 years, we have created over 200 Consultancy Studies for FMCG, Pharma and Chemical manufacturers worldwide.

Air Filtration Guide:
How to select the right Industrial Air Filter?

How do I know what industrial air filter works best?


  1. Process Analysis & Site visit

  2. Measurement & Data Collection

  3. GCM Modeling existing current air flows

  4. Concept Engineering

  5. GCM Modeling to predict air flows

  6. Budget proposal

Our multidisciplinary team of in-house engineers ensures fully aligned and co-created solutions to improve your site’s Dust, Aerosol and Vapor challenges.

Upgrade your site’s Air Quality with the right Air Filter supplier

JOA Consultancy Studies provides scenario’s with process guarantees prior to building the system. This also provides long term economic benefits and helps predict and guarantee Personal Exposure Levels. Our JOA modeling results in first time right installations and low risk implementation. In the last 22 year, over 1000 systems have been built which provide input for guaranteed solutions, rather than a trial and error approach.