Give the right priority to future plant upgrades and focus on realizing the highest Return on Investment with a Masterplan from JOA

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Why choose for an upgrade Masterplan created by our Emission Control Consultants

Being responsible for smooth operations of your production process every day, you are often confronted with seeing opportunities for improvement. You might question yourself: “where should I start? Or, ‘what upgrade should we encounter first?

JOA has a vast track record of helping manufacturing companies with advise on improving production processes.

How to give the right attention to your process upgrades

The masterplan consultancy rapport gives tailor-made advice regarding all upgrading possibilities for any particular site. These upgrading possibilities are priority/urgency ranked to fit every client’s needs.

You do not know what you do not know. With our specialists on Dust Collection, Vapor Extraction and Emission Control, we are able to provide you a clear overview list that helps you in your internal decision making. Possible reusable systems will always be included with our advice.

Together with all your site stakeholders, our specialists will identify all opportunities related to:

  • Healthy Work Environment
  • Explosion Risk & Safety
  • Energy Reduction & Recovery
  • Emission Control & Legislation
  • Improving Economics of your Process

What does JOA’s Masterplan advice entail?

What can you expect when you decide to let JOA have a look at your site’s opportunities:

  • Reusable systems after upgrade
  • Recommended systems to be replaced and obsolete systems
  • Criteria of not reusing a filter unit based on ATEX compliancy
  • Explosion relief on the filter housing present
  • No disconnection between filter and plant present
  • Disconnection between filter and fan present
  • Dust bin with lock (rotary valve or valve)
  • ATEX instrumentation & equipment
  • Filter construction

Examples of upgrade masterplans executed within the Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries:

  • A Plastic manufacturer’s site had systems that were not ATEX compliant. JOA proposed upgrades of the existing systems to meet ATEX requirements or (partial) replacement of the systems ranked on necessity and included alternative scenarios
  • An ingredients producer already had current available dedusting systems ready, including central vacuum cleaning systems within the factory (incl. ATEX requirements). During the preparation of the Masterplan we created various combinations of systems assessed in different scenarios (e.g. Bunker extraction, Packaging and Qlab)
  • Providing multiple scenarios for a Chemical plant including: Replacing existing dedusting systems with new ATEX complaint extraction system, designing improved balanced dedusting systems (based on V0Crit™ calculations and Air Technical Modeling), recommendations of extraction capacities, hood types and conceptual piping layout (top view AutoCAD drawings) and equipment recommendations.
  • A study containing a total of 12 existing filter units that were proposed to be upgraded to meet ATEX compliancy. For various filters following is reviewed:
    • Dust explosion protection requirements
    • The best way to protect every filter (media)
    • If filters were already involved with (some) dust explosion protection: test if the explosion protection meets the requirements

How a Masterplan will benefit your plans

  • Fully understand your site’s upgrade opportunities
  • Learn about ROI of future upgrades
  • Find Quick wins for your site, including budget quotes
  • Easy decision making by having a clear view with multiple scenarios, expected implications and improvements priority

Gain control on all your possibilities, know what is possible and create a foundation for further decision making

Share your challenge with us and see how we can help you.