Webinar Energy Efficiency - JOA Air Solutions

Thursday, September 30th at 11:00 (CET).

Replay available for all registrants.

In both newbuild and existing sites, a safe and effective dust extraction system is of vital importance for industrial processes. After a few years of operation, new insights and developments often provide an increased demand in stable dust handling systems to improve overall operations. In this Webinar, we will share our thoughts and best practices … Read more

Being able to reduce the required zoning by improving your site’s ability to effectively extract Dust and Vapor can make a tremendous impact on your operations. Watch this webinar and learn more about what you can do and how to increase safe operations. Main Topics Covered Explosion danger: Explosive Atmospheres, Danger zones, Ignition Sources and … Read more

Effectively handling of Vapor & Fumes for your indoor manufacturing processes is an art. It is something you need experience and practice with as hood designs, among others, are crucial and it is intangible how much capacity you need for effective extraction. In this short (30 minutes) webinar, we will share our knowledge and provide … Read more

Using Air Technical Simulations for Better Balanced dust and vapor extraction Systems. Data-driven air technical modeling, lab results and factory measurements contribute to building economical dust & vapor extraction systems that are reliable over the long term with a truly meaningful process guarantee.

Why air technical (GCM) Modeling?

Industrial dust collection and ventilation systems are relatively easy to build but very hard to operate in a stable, reliable, and efficient manner. That is, if the system has not been modeled beforehand and pressure drop measurements and optimal extraction velocities/ piping diameters are not calculated or simulated properly.

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