Top Industrial Engineering Companies in Europe 

Leading technical solutions providers for the Manufacturing and Process Industries

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    Process Engineers working at manufacturing sites in multiple industries have many responsibilities at once. They need to divide their attention between increasing process performance, maintain high quality standards and remain agile for troubleshooting. That’s why we see a trend where engineering activities are more frequently outsourced to System Integrators and general Engineering Companies. Below a list of the top 9 most renowned firms that we encounter most: 

    • ANDRITZ 
    • Bilfinger Tebodin 
    • Equans 
    • Fluor 
    • Jacobs 
    • J-Tec Material Handling 
    • Kuijpers 
    • Royal Haskoning 
    • Worley 

    Below, you can find a review of our perception of some of the largest and well known industrial Engineering Companies. Some of these companies also identify themselves as ‘civil engineering’, ‘environmental services’ or ‘(automation) machinery manufacturer’. This list is created from years of interaction with these companies and end-clients consisting of mainly manufacturers in the Food Production, Chemicals and Consumer Goods industries. After the review, we will dive deeper into what separates general engineering companies with specialist firms like JOA. 

    Andritz AG 

    ANDRITZ is a globally leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metalworking and steel industries, and for solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial sectors. In addition, ANDRITZ offers technologies for certain other sectors including automation, the production of animal feed and biomass pellets, pumps, machinery for nonwovens, steam boiler plants, biomass boilers and gasification plants for energy generation, flue gas cleaning plants, plants for the production of panelboards (MDF) and thermal sludge utilization.  

    The moments we have been in touch with Andritz were mostly about projects related to Dust Collection and Cyclone Separation.  

    Quick Facts 

    • Headquarters in Graz, Austria 
    • Almost 28.000 employees operating at 280 sites worldwide. 
    • Revenue of €7.5 billion (2022) 
    • International Technology Group offering services for multiple industries 

    Key Expertise: 

    • Realization of Plants, Equipment, Systems and Services 
    • Focus business areas include Pulp & Paper, Metals, Hydro and Separation 

    Learn more about ANDRITZ on their website: 

    Bilfinger Tebodin 

    Bilfinger Tebodin is a prominent consultancy and engineering firm under the Bilfinger SE umbrella, providing multidisciplinary services across various industries. With a strong presence in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond, Bilfinger Tebodin has established itself as a partner for industrial projects. The company specializes in delivering high-quality engineering, project management, and consultancy services, focusing on sustainable and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its clients. 

    Quick Facts 

    • Headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, offices in 30 countries 
    • About 3,200 employees 
    • Bilfinger SE reported revenues of €3.7 billion in 2023 

    Key Expertise: 

    • Bilfinger Tebodin focuses on sustainable projects, including energy efficiency, hydrogen technologies, and carbon capture and storage (CCUS). 
    • Providing comprehensive project management services from conception to completion, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. 
    • Specializing in process engineering services, including basic, detailed, and 3D plant design to optimize industrial operations. 
    • Offering strategic consultancy services to support clients in making informed decisions regarding their industrial investments and operations. 

    JOA has been in touch with Bilfinger Tebodin regarding projects involving Dust Extraction, Explosion Safety and ATEX Zoning.  

    Learn more about Bilfinger Tebodin on their website:  


    World leader in multi-technical services. Equans expresses the desire to provide the right ANSwer to their clients EQUations. They design and provide customized solutions to improve their clients’ buildings, technical equipment, systems and processes and support them in optimizing their use. They claim to have excellent technical know-how in design, installation, maintenance and performance services. Their combination of skills include HVAC, Cooling & Fire protection, Facility Management, Digital & ICT, Electrical, Mechanical and Robotics. 

    Quick Facts 

    • Equans is a Bouygues Group Company, a French engineering group 
    • Revenue of nearly €18 billion (2022) 
    • Nearly 90.000 employees and offices in 20 country hubs 
    • Delivering 800,000 projects every year 

    Key Expertise: 

    • Transitions for modernization and sustainable development 
    • Specialized industries include: BioTech, Pharmaceuticals (e.g. Cleanrooms), Data Centers, Energy Production, Renewable Solutions, Defence, Microelectronics & New Technologies, Food Industry, Nuclear, Marine & Offshore and Transport. 
    • Lower carbon footprint of sites with refrigeration equipment 

    We encounter Equans sometimes with projects related to Waste Heat Recovery, Industrial Heat Exchangers and Industrial Heat Pumps.  

    Learn more about Equans on their website:  


    Fluor Corporation is a global leader in engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), and maintenance services. Fluor has been a cornerstone in the industry for over 110 years, providing innovative solutions to complex challenges across diverse sectors. The company operates in more than 60 countries and is renowned for its commitment to safety, integrity, and excellence in project execution. With a strong global presence, Fluor combines international experience with local insights to deliver tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of clients worldwide. 

    Quick Facts 

    • Headquarters in Irving, Texas, USA 
    • Approximately 30,000 employees 
    • Revenue of $15.5 billion in 2023 
    • Ranked 265th in 2024 in the Fortune 500 

    Key Expertise: 

    • Fluor is deeply involved in traditional and renewable energy projects, including oil, gas, and nuclear power, as well as innovative renewable energy solutions. 
    • Addressing the needs of urbanization, Fluor provides infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, and life sciences services, helping cities and industries grow sustainably. 
    • Supporting government and defense sectors, Fluor delivers critical national security, nuclear technology, and emergency response projects. 
    • Fluor excels in delivering comprehensive solutions for mining and metals projects, ensuring efficient and sustainable operations from extraction to processing. 

    Learn more about Fluor on their website:  

    Jacobs Solutions 

    Jacobs Engineering Group is a leading global provider of technical, professional, and construction services. The company delivers a wide range of solutions to clients in various sectors, including government and private industries. 

    Quick Facts 

    • Headquarters in Dallas, Texas, USA 
    • Over 60,000 employees, operations in more than 40 countries 
    • Revenue around $16 billion 

    Key Expertise: 

    • Advanced Manufacturing: Jacobs provides innovative solutions for complex manufacturing processes, helping clients optimize their operations and improve productivity. 
    • The company focuses on sustainable practices, offering services in water and wastewater management, environmental compliance, and climate resilience strategies. 
    • Infrastructure: Jacobs excels in the design, construction, and management of transportation systems, urban development projects, and critical infrastructure, enhancing connectivity and sustainability. 
    • Health and Life Sciences: The firm supports advancements in healthcare by providing engineering and technical services for hospitals, research facilities, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

    Learn more about Jacobs on their website:  

    J-Tec Material Handling 

    Process Partner for solids and liquids handling. They design, supply, build and maintain processing systems for high quality powder, pellets and liquids. J-Tec delivers complete turnkey and greenfield plants as well as single process lines. Furthermore they specialize in Pneumatic Conveying, Powder Handling, Solid Handling, Material Handling, Project Engineering and Compounding.  

    Quick Facts 

    • Founded in 1970. Part of Katoen Natie, a global logistics and applied engineering provider.  
    • About 180 employees. Offices in Belgium, Thailand and USA.   
    • Not bound to certain suppliers 
    • Member of EHEDG, the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group 

    Key Expertise: 

    • Food Production and Chemical Manufacturers worldwide 
    • Focus on Infant Nutrition, Snacks & Baked Food, Ingredients, PVC Processing and Plastic Compounding.  

    J-Tec finds us for projects related to Vapor Extraction, Air Filtration, Cyclones and Scrubbers in the Chemical, Plastics and Oil Industries.  

    Learn more about J-Tec Material Handling on their website:  

    Royal Kuijpers 

    Royal (koninklijke in Dutch) Kuijpers is a local player, but well established in its home market. With a legacy spanning over 100 years, this family-owned business is committed to advancing sustainability and enhancing the built environment through cutting-edge technology and integrated cooperation. Kuijpers operates from multiple locations across the Netherlands, ensuring both national reach and local engagement. Their expertise lies in creating healthier, greener, and smarter environments, addressing modern societal challenges such as the energy transition. By prioritizing high-quality engineering and fostering strong partnerships, Kuijpers aims to make a significant impact today and for future generations  

    Quick Facts 

    • Family Business, founded in 1921 
    • About 1200 employees working from 14 locations in the Netherlands 
    • Revenue of €379 million in 2023 
    • Large variety of skills in-house.  

    Key Expertise: 

    • Design, building and maintaining technical installations within buildings and industrial sites 
    • Creating Healthy work and living environments. Very involved with sustainability 
    • Markets: Life Sciences, High-Tech, Datacenters, Food and more. 

    JOA has limited first-hand experience with Kuijpers. We do work for the same clients in the Dairy, Ingredients and Pharmaceutical industries. 

    Learn more about Kuijpers on their website:  

    Royal Haskoning DHV 

    Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent, global engineering and project management consultancy with a legacy of 140 years. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the firm leverages a multidisciplinary approach, integrating engineering expertise with cutting-edge digital technologies to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions. The company’s mission, “Enhancing Society Together,” reflects its commitment to creating a positive impact on people and the environment through projects that address pressing challenges such as climate change, digital transformation, and sustainable development. 

    Quick Facts 

    • Royal HaskoningDHV has nearly 6,000 employees and operates in over 150 countries with key offices in the Netherlands, the UK, South Africa, and Indonesia. 
    • They prioritize sustainability, aiming to minimize environmental impact and align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
    • With a strong focus on people, the company fosters a supportive and collaborative work environment, encouraging continuous learning and innovation.  

    Key Expertise: 

    • Focus on complex client challenges by providing people centric and independent advice, building on their deep domain knowledge integrated with data and software.  
    • The company specializes in diverse sectors including water management, infrastructure, energy, industry, urban development, and maritime.  
    • Activities include projects related to Climate resilience, data centres, renewable energy and decarbonization of industry  

    Our experiences with Royal Haskoning DHV are very limited. We only hear of them via some of our clients.  

    Learn more about Royal Haskoning DHV on their website:  


    Worley is a global engineering and project management consultancy that specializes in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions across the energy, chemicals, and resources sectors. With nearly 50,000 experts operating in 45 countries, Worley is dedicated to helping clients navigate the energy transition while maintaining the viability and growth of their existing assets. The company’s mission is to drive sustainable change, balancing the need for immediate resource supply with the imperative to move towards more sustainable energy sources. 

    Quick Facts 

    • Headquarters in North Sydney, Australia. Revenue around €7,5 million. 
    • The company aims to derive 75% of its revenue from sustainability-related projects by 2026. 
    • Worley has evolved over more than 50 years, starting as a small engineering consultancy 
    • Worley operates across multiple sectors including energy, chemicals, resources, and infrastructure. 

    Key Expertise: 

    • Worley excels in delivering solutions that reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices across industries. 
    • The company leverages digital technologies to enhance project delivery and optimize asset performance, ensuring clients can meet modern challenges effectively. 
    • Worley offers end-to-end project management services, from initial concept and engineering to construction, operation, and decommissioning, ensuring seamless execution and value creation throughout the asset lifecycle 

    We know Worley mostly from Dust Collection projects in the Chemical and Plastics industries.  

    Learn more about Worley on their website:  

    NB:  Did you miss a major company in this list? Please let us know by contacting us

    How to cooperate with Industrial Engineering Companies 

    Working with a partner that has a very broad service portfolio can be a blessing. However, when things get complex, sometimes a specialist is able to make it worth your time to add additional partners next to your general engineering firm. 

    • Investigate what’s the expertise of a certain engineering company. Know what they excel at and where they don’t.  
    • Stimulate them to introduce specialist firms directly to you. Having a single point of contact might be comfortable in the beginning. In the end, however it might lead to more headaches.  
    • See them as a ‘technology scout’ if you’re not able to do your own research. Reward them for introducing the right partners to you. In this case, also stay in control of the process by already checking the longlist of potential partners.  
    • Be aware of the mixed motivations general engineering companies might have. Naturally, they also want to create value for you and your site. They will however always be keen on providing more general solutions or standard equipment for certain challenges if their expertise is less than adequate in a certain field.   

    Comparing General Engineering Companies vs. Specialist Engineering Companies 

    In many cases, a general Engineering Company will be able to help you in the right direction. Also with large greenfield sites or major transitioning projects, having a single EPC Contractor may benefit you. However, when things get complicated, a specialist is often required to ensure successful implementation. It also enables the specialist to distinguish themselves from standard solutions.  

    Read more about the 3 main differentiators of JOA (including: truly tailor-made, pre-engineering study and Air Technical Modeling) 

    JOA is frequently approached by engineering companies and other 3rd parties. Over time, we have build strong relationships with some partners. Experience has learned that only when JOA is able to have direct communication with the end-client, the success rate is increased by 600%. Therefore we advise engineering companies to introduce us directly if they want to assist their client in the best way possible. 

    Read more about when JOA is not the right partner for you: ‘When not to choose for JOA’ 


    The above stated information is our own subjective perception of how we see the market of industrial engineering companies in Europe. It might be limited and only reflects our opinion. The shared information is a combination of our own experiences and publicly shared information by the mentioned companies’ owned sources. We recommend that you also do your own research.  

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