Solving the Challenge with Volatile Organic Compounds

Balanced vapor extraction, and recovery for the treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Aerosols and

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    Vapor recovery is performed using JOA Pressure Swing Adsorption (JPSA) with regenerative Carbon filters or technologies like Membranes or Cryogenics. Final Vapor treatment is performed using JOA Photo Catalytic Oxidizer (JPCO) to break VOC’s in harmless CO2 and water vapor. Acid gas and exhaust gas streams are treated using scrubbers, filters or oxidizer with often integrated quenching of the vapor streams that enable controlled treatment. The JOA Acoustic Agglomerator(JAA) can enhance the efficiency of conventional technologies by increasing aerosol size or even removal of difficult to treat aerosols. All Systems meet the latest national and international standards and can be foreseen with integrated Fire detection and extinguishing systems to assure optimal safety and operation even with flammable gasses with the equipment installed in explosive atmospheres.

    A new treatment of volatile organic compounds is PCO

    New and disruptive technology for the treatment of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) rich vapor streams is Photo Catalytic Oxidation (JPCO). This technology utilizes the creation of free radicals that break VOC molecules in harmless CO2 and Water vapor, JOA has developed this technology based on innovative coating of the microporous ceramic catalyst carriers with titanium dioxide doped nanoparticles. This in combination with the latest generation LED light enables the creation of free radicals and efficient contacting of the VOC rich vapor stream with the Titanium Dioxide catalyst. Apart from VOC reduction is this also an effective treatment technology for odor abatement.

    Solving the Challenge with Volatile Organic Compounds

    JOA provides balanced vapor extraction, recovery, and treatment systems for the treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Aerosols and acid gas streams and odor abatement solutions. Using enhanced fluid dynamic modeling tools (GCM) efficient vapor extraction and transport is achieved with minimized fouling and optimal system configuration that is able to deal with condensation, fluctuating flows and changing vapor compositions.

    JOA Acoustic Agglomeration (JAA)

    Sub-micron volatile organic compounds and aerosol droplets can result in severe health risks and operating challenges in conventional vapor treatment systems. JOA has developed an Acoustic Agglomerator (JAA) that is able to effectively coalesce and remove sub-micron aerosols from a gas stream through a multistage acoustic wave separator. Agglomerates of the small (sub-micron) particles are formed in a specially designed acoustic agglomeration chamber JAA. The larger agglomerates are filtered out and/or coalesced in the second stage with the coalescer belt filter JHF (JOA High Efficient Belt Filter)

    JOA Acid Gas Scrubbers for volatile organic compounds

    Scrubbers are equipment used for controlling air pollution by removing dust, vapors, or gases emitted at the end of a production process. Typically, water is used to achieve a clean and efficient process. The effectiveness of scrubbers relies on the proper atomization and contact between the scrubbing reagent and the exhaust stream. This process allows for the attachment of particles, dissolution or adsorption of aerosols and vapors in the reagent, or initiation of a chemical reaction. The contaminated reagent is then separated from the exhaust stream using an (integrated) mist eliminator. The reagent is filtered and reused in the process, which minimizes the consumption of water and chemicals.

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