Effective Dust Extraction leading to less complaints and rejected product

Article from Industrielinqs on cooperation between SABIC and JOA

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    The oldest factory on the Sabic site in Bergen op Zoom is the Noryl plant. In November 2021, it will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The factory operates at full capacity, with a strong focus on product quality, which gave them the possibility to save on energy consumption. Read more on how they did it below.

    ‘As a specialties business, SABIC demands the highest quality from their people and installations.’


    Optimal functioning Dust Extraction System

    The result of the strong emphasis on quality is that customers are very satisfied with the Noryl delivered to them. SABIC wanted everything to function optimally and have invested heavily in culture and reliability. They called in JOA Air Solutions to redesign the air treatment in their Noryl plant.

    The end result was a redesigned extraction system for the extruder of Sabic that now works effectively, resulting in less dust in the end product and a reduction in the rejection of valuable product. This contributes to the overall reliability of the machinery.

    As JOA designs and implements tailor-made extraction systems for dust and vapor by using software developed in-house. JOA can map air flows and thus predict future results of new or upgraded systems. At SABIC, the calculations turned out to be exactly right in practice. When it has been proven that the design works, it gives the client a safe and good feeling.

    Read the Industrielinqs article about the cooperation between SABIC and JOA here

    What is Noryl

    NORYL consists of amorphous blends including PolyPhenylene Oxides (PPO) or PolyPhenylene Ether (PPE) resins with also Polystyrene. The inherent benefits of PPE resin are combined with excellent dimensional stability, good processability and a low density.

    Benefits of PPE Resin:

    • High heat resistance
    • Electrical Insulation
    • Hydrolytic Stability
    • Ability to use non-halogen fire retardant packages
    • Affordable (resources)

    NORYL is a registered trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP B.V. It was originally developed by General Electric Plastics (now SABIC).

    NORYL resins are a rare example of a homogeneous mixture of two polymers, as most polymers are not compatible with one another. The good balance of chemical and mechanical characteristics of Noryl makes it very suitable for various applications, including:

    • Coatings
    • Machinery
    • Electrical Equipment
    • Production of Hydrogen
    • Water Pumps

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