JOA Air Solutions celebrates 25 years of tailor-made Emission Control

Identifying a gap in the supply chain

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    This year, Delft-based JOA Air Solutions marks a quarter of a century of providing large industrial manufacturers with dust, fumes, and energy solutions. The company, which started out in 1998 as a small operation in the attic of Mr. Gerard de Jager, has grown into a renowned leader in optimizing industrial processes. JOA’s unique proposition of in-house developed software for Air Technical Modelling has validated over 2000 systems, implemented all over the world.

    JOA was begun as a result of the large volume of standard dust collection and fume extraction systems in use. Standard systems consistently result in either under or over extraction, leading to increased downtime due to maintenance & housekeeping, loss of energy & resources, as well as explosion risks and health issues.

    Tailor-made designs and solutions

    JOA founder Mr. Gerard de Jager, with a profound understanding of particle behavior and characteristics, responded to the situation with the development of Air Technical Modelling software that was able to identify bottlenecks and validate new custom designs, optimized for the unique requirements of each industrial operation.

    His solution was a breakthrough, enjoying quick successes, notably with larger, complex manufacturers in the food production, chemical, tobacco and plastics sectors. Early clients of JOA included DSM, Philip Morris, JTI, Covestro, Nestle and many more.

    From here, the company grew, developing a range of solutions ensuring healthy, safe working environments with reduced emissions and recovery of valuable resources. Identifying a gap in the supply chain, JOA went on to extend its offer. Today, the company provides a proven process spanning pre-engineering, modelling, design & engineering, building & implementation, and service & spare parts.

    The JOA process continues to be of benefit to numerous large-scale manufacturers. Where JOA differs from their competitors is the fact that every system is based on a thorough pre-engineering study. As several clients have stated, working with JOA is the difference between knowing for sure that a solution is going to work and hoping for the best.

    New Management

    In 2020, the company took a new direction when Mr. Bas van den Bogerd came on board as Business Development Director. He joined Mr. De Jager and with Mr. Martin Tukker, Managing Director Operations, who had been with JOA for 17 years. Today, JOA Air Solutions is an employee-owned company whose independence guarantees the best possible advice and service for its clients.

    Current JOA Leadership – Martin Tukker, Managing Director Operations (Left) and Bas van den Bogerd, Business Development Director (Right).

    Continual mission to Clean the Air

    Bas van den Bogerd at JOA said, “JOA Air Solutions is honored to have served so many of the leading manufacturers over the last quarter of a century. Looking ahead we believe there will be a sustained need for the control of emissions and energy efficiency. We have an obligation to both current and future clients to support them in becoming as efficient as possible.”

    “It is our considered opinion that this requires every complex industrial process to have its own tailored solution, operating optimally over the entire lifecycle, with the lowest possible total cost of ownership. To these ends, we intend to continue to invest in R&D and maintain the relevance of our solutions for the future, strengthening our relationships with current and future clients.”

    Anniversary Celebrations

    To commemorate this special occasion, JOA is hosting a seminar for clients, partners and JOA employees on April 13 at the Louwman Automobile Museum  in the Hague. The event will focus on energy reduction, economic impacts on industrial manufacturers, mitigation of climate change and solvent extraction.

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