Complex Industrial processes deserve tailor-made solutions

JOA Air Solutions designs & builds the best possible Dust Collection, Energy Recovery and Scrubber Systems on a global scale.

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Data Driven and Reliable Solutions

Wasting resources should be reduced to a minimum. Assets and operators deserve a healthy and safe work environment compliant to all emission legislations.

Recognize any of these Challenges on your site?

Dusty Workplaces

Cross Contamination


Wasting resources & Energy

No Clear Insights/Control

High Maintenance Costs

Losing license to Operate

Uncertainty of downtime

Health hazards

Environmental footprint

Emission Limits & Compliance

Fear of fire and explosions

Start Improving your site's processes

JOA Air Solutions provides tailor-made, turnkey and guaranteed improvements to all your Dust, Vapor and Aerosol challenges. With JOA you will reduce downtime, improve OPEX and become more safe & sustainable. By effectively predicting your required specifications in advance, we implement reliable 1st-time-right Industrial Emission Control.


Sharing your challenges with JOA leads to:

JOA Consultancy

Balanced Extraction Systems

We believe that only after a thorough site survey, the best solutions can be created.

JOA Modeling

Reduction of Operational Expenses

Preventing Cross Contamination, Downtime, Unpredicted Maintenance and Under-/Over-Extraction.

JOA Engineering

Predictable Results

All our extraction solutions are validated by Air Technical Modeling leading to process guarantees and a clear ROI.

Every industrial challenge is unique. Contact JOA to share your thoughts on where you would like to improve your process

We are always there to discuss your challenges. Our goal is to guide you on your path to high performance operations and Healthy & Safe environments.

systems designed & implemented
more than
years of experience worldwide
understanding of dust & fume particles

Emission Control & Process Improvements realized for
manufacturers in the following industries:

Healthy Work Environment

Keep your operators healthy and reduce diseases with efficient extraction systems.


Protecting your operators with the right, ATEX proof, equipment.

Energy Reduction & Recovery

Realize both environmental as economic benefits. Don’t let any heat go to waste.


Smart Compliance for both indoor as outdoor dust, vapor and odor challenges.

Process Improvement

Tailor-made, balanced and downtime reducing extraction systems will outperform standardized solutions every day.


Start Improving your Process

Stop wasting resources by unbalanced and inefficient extractions sytems. Learn more in this Whitepaper about Energy Reduction & Recovery.